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More attractions in Toverland's winter season 2018 onwards

Discussion in 'News & Rumours' started by Fluorineer, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Hope this kind of news is threadworthy:
    If you check for any date from November 5th onwards, you will see that Ithaka - the theme area with Troy, the swinging ship and the horse ride - will stay opened during the winter season. I expect Toverland to make a proper announcement of this later this year but I think this is good to know in advance because of a couple of changes it brings:

    1. The annual pass has much more value now as it has become really worth it to come visit during the winter season (November 4th - March 31st), and since I assume some people will visit Toverland soon due to Fenix, they should know that as you get the entrance fee discounted if you buy an annual pass on the same day you visit.

    2. This added value is not represented in the fee for the annual pass, as it only went up from 89 to 99 euros, so proportionally to the entry fee of the summer season.

    3. I expect Troy to close for a couple of weeks during the early spring season (March - May) since they used to do the heavy maintenance during the winter season, but now that Troy stays open, they'll have to do that at a later point of the year, and since they celebrate Halloween during fall, it really only leaves the first weeks of spring when Fenix can open again to do this.

    They thought about opening Booster Bike and/or Troy during the winter season for years now, but I guess their maintenance schedule really didn't allow for it since they couldn't offer enough replacement-attractions if they had to shut one of these rides down during the summer season. Now with Fenix they are able to do it, so it's great to see that the winter season experience also grows with the rest of Toverland.
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