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Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster


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Here's a photo of the one that was in Peep's video that's been removed:

Even though it is outdated, a few things can be gleaned from this picture of the S&S video: The limitations of the site. You can see both the Peacock theater and the observation tower still in place, and no parts of the coaster extending beyond either. And obviously, Tulireki is not touched either. If S&S stuck to those limitations in their design tender, it's likely that Intamin will too, as they would have been dictated by the park ahead of the tender process. It seems likely that they will cut down the trees behind Kyöpelinvuoren hotelli, and place the new station there as shown on the S&S drawing - this was probably specified in the tender documents too. This means that Vonkaputous' old station will be demolished, and the short path leading to it will be gone as well (this whole area), leaving room for more of the coaster track. Still, the coaster promises to be very compact. It might be that Intamin will deliver a triple back-and-forth launch as well, if only to save room (since it allows them to get away with like half the length of the launch track, which necessarily has to be a long, straight, uninterrupted line).


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Hopefully RCDB are correct and this is an Intamin, can't think of many worse things than another Gerstlaurer in the world.


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I imagine it was one of the rides pitched for that site when the park put out a tender for rides on that spot. Im not sure the video was really ever meant to make it into the public domain. It didnt last too long from what i remember.
Maurer also posted a video of a racing spike coaster for the very same spot. But the spike probably needs all the advertising it can get :p

Just think for almost every major coaster that gets built there are multiple design proposals by other manafacturers we never get to see :p
Absolutely. Vekoma, Intamin and Mack pitched products for Blackpool 2018, with Mack winning the contract.


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Linnanmäki Amusement Park, in Helsinki, Finland, announces their biggest roller coaster project ever: Taiga is Getting Ready to Launch!
22.3.2018 12:38 | Lasten Päivän Säätiö/Linnanmäki

Something exciting has been brewing at Linnanmäki Amusement Park during the past winter. The amusement park has been posting teasers in the social media implying that “Taiga is in the air”.

It is finally time to announce that a spectacular roller coaster is arriving at Linnanmäki in 2019!

“We are very excited to finally announce that Linnanmäki is making its greatest ride project ever in co-operation with ride manufacturer Intamin. This most unique high-profile launch coaster can be described as a coaster enthusiasts’ dream”, explains Pia Adlivankin, Managing Director of Linnanmäki with great excitement.

This new ride will have a top hat height at 52 meters, Finland’s longest track length of 1104 meters and a furious maximum speed of 106 km per hour. In addition, this new coaster will have two launches and four inversions.

Intamin is a European coaster manufacturer with the largest number of launch coasters in operation all over the world.

”It was an easy choice to select Intamin as our ride provider, since they had the most creative layout suggestion for our challenging terrain. We are truly satisfied with our biggest ride acquisition ever” Anssi Tamminen, Technical Director of Linnanmäki comments on the project.

Linnanmäki expects this ride to be one of the most exciting rides in Europe.

”This coaster will impress everyone. The final layout design phase was a true collaborative effort with Linnanmäki, and we were able to come up with a roller coaster which will set new standards not only in Finland but in the whole Northern Europe and even beyond”, Intamin’s Executive Vice President Sascha Czibulka proudly explains.

This fierce new roller coaster, Taiga, will be launched during the 2019 season.


Wow that looks brilliant; I wasn't expecting them to fit a multi-launch coaster into that space. This is really going to show-up the miserable Tulireki next door which is one of the very lowest quality coasters I've ridden!