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Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster


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On the subject of available space, I think KI is kind of trying not to develop new land unless they have to. The park is fairly spread out in some areas and they have enough room to work with without having to go onto that grassy hill behind Banshee. Honestly, I think once Invertigo bites the dust in a few years (it’s no secret it’s on its last leg) I think that area up by KI Theater/Congo Falls/Invertigo’s site is going to be the next prime real estate for some sort of addition. There are also a ton of trees separating the park from the parking lot with a little creek running through it, cut into those trees and you have room to build basically whatever you want.

I will be there tomorrow to snag some more photos. KI has confirmed a webcam would go live once it goes vertical so I think it’s safe to assume Orion’s still very much on the ground.