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I think the blue track may be for the giga. Food for thought......
(Yes, I think so too. make another pass of my previous two posts, and add /sarcasm after each one. ;) )

Honestly excited at the prospect of a blue Giga, especially as nice color complement to the Kings Island skyline (Inverto teal, Drop Tower multi-color, Banshee purple, Diamondback red)

EDIT: Can we also appreciate that Son of Beast is still in the Google Maps 3D render?



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What Mac said. We'll certainly see more photos sooner or later that confirm or deny the lighter blue undertone.


What is it with Kings Island and blue coasters?

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I mean, apart of Banshee's and Invertigo's supports (and if you count Pipe Scream as a coaster per say), there isn't any other blue coaster at the park, so I don't see the problem here. Plus, that blue on the new giga is delicious🤤
Fenix Blue, beautiful color. I can't see a definitive lighter blue for the bottom accent, seems to me it could be just the light reflecting. Either way, that blue is hot<3
I would love for them to copy Fenix's color scheme with brown supports, but I don't think they're going with brown for a space theme.


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In regards to the pacing comments above, I've made the plans manually in Planet Coaster and for me it's running at roughly Fury's pacing with about Leviathan's ride time. Might post it once I make it more presentable.

We have track!

SOURCE: http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/kings-island-2020-and-hersheypark-2020-track-update-2/?fbclid=IwAR2Q9nEE1mMS3Gn67tHvAItBE6fMTHDaVWn1TxOIoG8mD6rfWY_8sfHcDoE

Personally I love that blue color, it'll look gorgeous rising up behind Racer's whitewashed truss and look nice and regal from the highway. Can't wait to drive up to the park and have it give the same visual impression Fury and Leviathan give their respective parks!

(Ironically, I have a 2012 souvenir bottle that has B&M track in almost that exact color. All this hype and our giga had been confirmed by a damn water bottle all along. :p )


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Another fun night at the park for Grand Carnivale tonight (which I must admit was an incredible time!) and nabbed some kiga construction photos before a thunderstorm started atop the Eiffel Tower!

Storm and a coaster on the horizon!

The old Firehawk plot is where most of the changes have been going on. We have transfer track footers and some roped off triangular area!

Also saw some more equipment doing something further back in the clearing, probably just more tree removal.

And then it started raining and they cleared the sky deck and we weren’t in the first elevator down so that meant chilling 270 feet up in the air as the rain and wind picked up. Good thing too, second we got on the ground we heard a deafening crack of lightning that supposedly struck Banshee not too far away!

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