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Kennywood | Steel Curtain | S&S Multi-looper


To be fair, I never understood how you lay out precise footer/support locations on bare mud. Personally, I'm glad when I manage to assemble Ikea furniture without having to apply brute force because something doesn't quite fit.


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surely there's nothing wrong with that last pic. every coaster has a built in amount of give. You just need to look at something like dragons fury when the train goes down the first drop. as long as it's not too much things like that should bolt together just fine I'd expect.

of course I maybe completely wrong but from an engineering perspective you wouldn't want the ride to be perfectly rigid it needs to flex a bit.


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I still think the colour scheme is inverted...
Either way, you're going to be in fade city. Given it took Cedar Point nearly 15 years to paint TTD, I can only wonder with this one.