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ISON - [RLRides B&M Dive Coaster]- DOWNLOAD PAGE 2


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Rich... Wow... What a fantastic coaster!

I meant to download this the day you released it, but time ran away with me. Thanks for sharing the POV as it reminded me!

Firstly, coaster. Not really much to stay about the trackwork to be honest, it was pretty much perfect. It was smooth, pump free and all the transitions were great. The pacing was good - it felt quite realistic and not dissimilar to how the big Dive Machines feel, so good work there. The layout was nice. I liked the interaction between the lift hill and the dive loop, good work on the timing! I also liked the drop under the bridge and turn into the zero-g roll, it was nice how the end of the coaster was hidden slightly behind the station. Overall, really top quality work on the track.

Secondly, theming. Again, really nice. The whole plaza area was nice, and gave some great views of the coaster (always important) and the first bit of the queue going really close to the bottom of the drop was nice. I did get a little lost in the queue as first, but once I'd done a proper lap of it all it made sense. Only real gripe was that the queue doors didn't open and close. I assume this is because they were custom, and I'd have no idea how to script something like that, but it was just something I noticed. The 'music' (maybe "ambient sounds" is a better description) was a nice touch too. Really made the area nice.

So yeah, truly great. You've been working on this for ages, and it's been well worth the wait. I hope you're pleased with it! Hopefully some other people will take the chance to see what great stuff can be done with NL2, this was really cool!