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Indonesia's Indoor Coaster Boom


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This is something that has only happened in the past few year or so but Indonesia is having quite an insane indoor coaster boom. One that Vekoma are massively benefiting off of. And one Zierer did well in too. I must admit I'm partly writing this so i can separate all the rides out in my head.

Indonesia has always had a fair few indoor coasters but things are getting out of hand

The culprit of this expansion is a brand called Transmart who are opening many many new shopping centers in Indonesia. They own the Trans Studio park in Bandung which built a Premier launched coaster in 2011 but have expanded massively since then. Their new parks use both the Kid City and Trans Studio Mini names kind of randomly.

This arguably started with Trans Studio in 2009 with a Zierer Force Two - https://rcdb.com/8772.htm
or a little later Kid City Tangerang which opened in 2014 with a Zierer Force One from Eifelpark in Germany https://rcdb.com/13795.htm
However I'm picking up the story with the Vekoma boom in 2015.

The first of these opened at Transmart Jakarta in 2015 under the park name Kid City and was relocated from South Africa from Chariots Entertainment Centre. This model is a short indoor coaster and was custom for Chariots Entertainment Centre. The new location for the ride includes a short outdoor section on the first major curve. It's worth remembering this layout for later but here is a POV of it at its new home.

The second one opened at a second Transmart park in Jakarta in 2016 and also under the Kid City name. This time its a relocated standard roller skater (We actually don't know where from yet, but working on it) it includes a turn outside the building just on the first drop this time

And then we have another relocated Vekoma roller skater at Transmart Balikpapan also from 2016. This time the park was under the Trans Studio Mini name. https://rcdb.com/13797.htm

This year opening in 2017 we have a few more. Transmart in Tegal has another traditional roller skater opening. again we believe relocated but cant prove where yet. (no link to the RCDB as i just sent it in today)

Now it starts to get odd. This again is a new for 2017 coaster. Another transmart park this time under the name Trans Studio Mini is opening in Rungkut. The weird thing is its a clone of the ride seen earlier at Transmart Jakarta that was moved from South Africa and built originally as a custom design there in the mid 2000s. So they bought a ride custom designed for elsewhere and then cloned it. Anyway its going up right now - https://rcdb.com/14758.htm

This year we also have Transmart Mataram also building this same layout from South Africa. https://rcdb.com/14756.htm

And again also for 2017 is Transmart Padang which once again uses this cloned 247m layout cloned from the South Africa ride. https://rcdb.com/14799.htm

On top of that the following malls show similar coasters in their concept art. All Transmart parks. All are under construction now but don't have actual coasters on site. (Contact me if you'd like evidence though)
Transmart Srondol
Transmart Buah
Transmart Kupang
Transmart Yogyakata
Transmart Grand Kawanua International City
Transmart Pekanbaru
Trans Studio Mall Samarinda

I also have been told from contacts in the industry that this is considerably less than half the planned trans mart coasters opening in Indonesia in the next few years. I cannot verify how true this is at the moment but I have no reason to believe this is false. Of those the clones of that South African coaster will be abundant.
I'll keep updating this thread as i find out more. but as you can imagine with all these clones its getting a little confusing.

Either way Indonesia is quickly becoming a cred whore paradise :)
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In a country that suffers from some pretty harsh storms, I'm quite intrigued by those outdoor sections. There doesn't appear to be any sort of shutter to seal out the elements in the even of a storm (or the yearly monsoon rains). Interesting.

Quite a find, roomraider. I've got a little muddled just reading your post - good job making sense of it all!


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Would it make sense that the custom South African version unintentionally fit their space pretty well, and all the stuff built later has just copied and pasted their existing buildings/FECs, so necessitated clones?

A s**tload of Roller Skaters isn't enough to make me rush back, but there's still a bunch of stuff there that I didn't do, so at some point in the next few years I'm likely to try and polish a few off. Definitely want to get their wooden mouse coasters and Togo Looping Mouse.


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Another one going in already. this time Trans Studio Mini in Bandung. Which annoyingly wasn't one I'd already listed. (this is the same city that has a separate Trans Studio Park with the premier)




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Carrefour: The Ride.

It's fab. <3


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Updates as both Transmart Pekanbaru and Transmart Padang add their Vekoma roller skaters.
Both are clones of the Vekoma 247m model seen at other Transmart parks.



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These things are still going up

Grand Kawanua International City
Grand1.jpg Grand2.jpg Grand4.jpg Grand5.jpg
Palembang City Center
Pab1.jpg Pab2.jpg Pab3.jpg Pab4.jpg

So far that's 14 open (12 Vekoma, 2 Zierer)
2 with track on site (Both Vekoma)
8 more confirmed to be getting coaster as the footers are in
A stupid number more with concept art showing coasters.