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Hong Kong Disney 2018

Discussion in 'Halloween Haunts & Scare Attractions' started by gavin, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Their event has been going for about a week now, but I haven't been yet.

    There's a new Nightmare Before Christmas walkthrough:

    Journey to Halloween Town

    "Frightful antics will ensue this Halloween when Jack Skellington and his friends create their own brand of crazy mayhem! The Pavilion will be transformed with spooky magic, allowing Guests to visit Halloween Town, featuring iconic music and scenes from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Venture into Dr. Finklestein’s Lab, where Jack Skellington's friend Sally desperately needs your help. You just might see Jack himself while exploring. Make sure you stay alert, as the evil Oogie Boogie will be out to get you and your friends in his lair!"

    I've never actually seen Nightmare Before Christmas, so might get on that at some point over the weekend. The walkthroughs they do are usually amazing though, so I've got high hopes for this one, too.

    There's a daytime parade which I think is the same as other years. I've never caught it, so not sure:

    Mickey's Halloween Time Street Party

    "If you prefer the brighter side of Halloween, you’ll love this Street Party! Dress up as one of your Disney Friends and dance along with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and other Disney friends."

    Meh, whatever.

    Then there's a third installment of their Halloween evening parade:

    Villains Night Out Chapter 3

    "Using her dark powers, Maleficent leads the infamous Disney Villains, including the malevolent Ursula, the Evil Queen and Jafar. Other Villains who will grace the party include Jack Skellington, Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts and Cruella de Vil. Be part of the merry mayhem as the procession snakes along Main Street, U.S.A. Join your favorite baddies as they show you how to laugh like a Villain, talk like a scoundrel and unleash your inner evilness. Don’t miss the big finale, as Maleficent ends the show on a fiery high note."

    Last year's was a bit s**t. They added Ursula into it, but, unlike the first year they did this, there was no finale. In the first year, all the characters stopped in front of the castle while the evil queen from Snow White went off on one, with a whole projection mapping thing. Last year, it was just like a normal parade where they all just minced off. This year, I saw that they built a stage in fron of the castle, so it seems that they'll do something once they reach that.

    I'm going to be honest, but in the last couple of years it really seems like they've scaled back their Halloween stuff. It used to be a whole-park thing, but it's now gone to just a couple of attractions. For example, they used to have two walkthroughs, but now they always keep one of those temporary venues for something else (that crappy, yet lucrative, costume and make-up princess bollocks at the moment).

    Other years, they had huge, whole-land shows at Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point with hundreds of performers and projection mapping, plus an overlay of Jungle River Cruise on top of the two walkthroughs. It all just seems a bit half-arsed these last few years.

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