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Fatal Accident at Parc Saint Paul


“Who built the carousel? It's not Gilles Campion! Who assessed it? It’s still not Gilles Campion. After two similar accidents, the question should be asked about the design of the arena. ”
Wow! This person should not be allowed to operate an amusement park! This statement is absurd and completely misses the point. Especially if they changed the security system of the ride after it was checked... But even a completely secure ride (built and assessed) is insecure if it's not correctly operated...


Even though it's rare, accidents can happen. Every ride might have an accident at one day. But if you have a ride with already 2 similar accidents were someone fell out of a car, and then remove the seatbelts you are asking for number 3 to happen.
I really want to defend smaller parks, and I admit I had a good time in the park, but this can not be excused. Also, the lions will be happy, as their cages are next to the now closed rollercoaster.

Just talking as an enthusiast, it's a shame as the quirky nature of the ride made it really enjoyable. But it is obvious that the park is not able to operate it safely, and safety should always be number 1 priority in this business.


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To be honest, from what I’m hearing above, the park should be permanently closed down and not be allowed to reopen under the current owners.
The park re-opened Saturday with only 10 rides in operation following thorough inspections, including the Souris Verte, Wild Train, Aérotrain, Wood Express coasters and the Dino Disk'O. An additional seven rides opened yesterday, including the two kiddie credz, but Formule 1 remains closed and will likely be removed once the criminal investigation gives the go-ahead.


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I went on this about 6 years ago, and it was a bit terrifying even with both of the restraints. But if the seat belts have been removed, that's a big no-no, especially in this day and age.