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Efteling Expansion Attempt + Family Launch Coaster


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^Well its not the park promoting it as slow, its just a vain theme park news tabloid stating that it will not be fast.

Despite finding the park's last two new additions disappointing I've high hopes for this. They need a decent family coaster with a long ride time and high throughput. And if it has a dark ride section(s) it will be even better as that's where Efteling really excel (e.g. Baron and Flying Dutchman). Looking forward to seeing this develop.


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I'm just going to pretend like the Loopings article wasn't mentioned tbh, not sure why people bother posting anything from that site here!


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Efteling are introducing a Cirque du Soleil like theater show in September.

The famous Efteling Theater is being rebuilt for a new performance. In September the Cirque du Soleil-like show CARO will premiere. The new room plan shows that the theater has a completely different layout than before. The stage will be in the middle of the room, like in a circus. That is where the stands stand. In total there will be 952 seats, of which sixteen are for disabled people.

The Efteling Theater is located at the entrance of the amusement park. CARO can be seen from 1 September. Today ticket sales started. Regular admission tickets cost 25 euros per person. Subscription holders lost 18.75 euros.
The 75-minute evening show - inspired by the Steam Carousel from the Efteling - is intended for visitors of all ages and nationalities. De Efteling describes the production as "a visual spectacle full of humor, dance, music and acrobatics".

Looopings.nl has tweeted in response:
And all those # Efteling fans wonder where those circus rumors come from.

So they are suggesting that the rumours of the 2020 coaster having a circus theme are untrue. I suppose it is possible that the rumours were mixed up. If so I'm intrigued as what the theme, related to travel, could actually be.

EDIT: In true Looopings fashion they have now backtracked on this and claim that the coaster will be circus themed after all.
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The latest rumour/leaked information going around is that the 2020 coaster will have a chain lifthill mid way through, with the launch at the start of the ride.

Together with the fact this allegedly will be a family coaster with a low top speed, I have seen people suggest this might be Intamin's take on Gerstlauer's Pegase Express/Firechaser Express style family coasters.


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Efteling's expansion plans still have not been approved yet due to environmental concerns. Apparently the environmental impact report is insufficient and some local residents have filed an objection against the park's master plan.

Environmental consequences of the Efteling expansion plan insufficiently investigated
UTRECHT - The municipality of Loon op Zand has not sufficiently investigated what the consequences are for nature and the environment when the Efteling realizes its expansion plans. That says the independent Commission m.e.r. in Utrecht, which examined the environmental impact report at the request of the municipality.

The Efteling wants to grow to an international destination with 20 million visitors per year until 2030 so that it can maintain its position in the top five theme parks in Europe. For this it wants to expand the amusement park and the existing golf course and build additional accommodation facilities. The supply roads and parking facilities must also be adapted for this.

Protected nature
According to the committee, the environmental impact report contains a lot of information about the environmental consequences of the expansion of the Efteling, but it is still insufficiently clear whether the expansion is possible without causing too much natural damage. For example, the emissions as a result of extra traffic have negative consequences for the protected natural areas in the area, such as the Loonse and Drunense Duinen & Leemkuilen.

The committee also does not find it clear whether the plans of the Efteling to reduce CO2 emissions are sufficient. The park focuses on environmentally friendly transport, heat-cold storage and solar panels.

The Committee advises the municipality of Loon op Zand to first complete the environmental impact report and only then decide on the zoning plan that is necessary for the expansion of the Efteling. The municipality will also have to respond to the view that concerned local residents have submitted to the intended zoning plan.

Despite this Efteling have said they are confident that they will still be able to open the coaster in 2020. However the park do have a plan B available just in case.

Source and Source
Efteling's expansion plans still have not been approved yet due to environmental concerns. Apparently the environmental impact report is insufficient and some local residents have filed an objection against the park's master plan.

Despite this Efteling have said they are confident that they will still be able to open the coaster in 2020. However the park do have a plan B available just in case.

Source and Source

Well, if plan B is replacing the Bob, then it's all fine. ;)


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If replacing Bob ends up being Plan B, then Plan A definitely needs to happen.

Can't lose Bob!! :(


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Well I think that Looopings is not reliable enough. It could be anything...a Gerstlauer Pegasus/Mack Slinky Dog concept/ Vekoma Mine train a la Big Grizzly?? Who knows...
I hope for a g


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^The Intamin family launch rumours are not from Looopings; the rumours had been widely spread (it was first reported by Eftelist - a seemingly reliable source) before they jumped on the bandwagon and claimed to have the exclusive scoop.

Given that the park have delayed the decision on whether to rebuild or completely replace Bob to the end of this year I've read a lot of speculation on Dutch sites that using Bob's land is their Plan B.

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Although Looopings are very much dickheads, their news (especially concerning efteling) is always very reliable. And they didn't 'jump on the bandwagon', those rumours have indeed been circulating for quite a while, but so have the rumours of a B&M flyer and a vekoma family coaster.

Looopings only report something if they have it confirmed by a reputable inside source, which is why all their symbolica 'scoops' and their early article of a Toverland wing coaster all turned out to be right.

Yes, looopings are absolute scum, but whether you like it or not, they are a reputable news source.

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Thanks! I can see why people don't particularly like them now lol
You're welcome! Anyway, have we heard anything else regarding this other than that some locals are objecting to Efteling's masterplan?


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Supposedly some plans for part Efteling's expansion area leaked.

It appears to show the various buildings and pathways that will make up the new area with the coaster.
The largest one is massive (as seen below it is similar in size to the Efteling hotel) so perhaps that could be home to the coaster's station and indoor sections/dark ride sections?
Also their circular shape seems to fit with the circus theme rumour.
To create a nice park entrance and open up some space there it seems the car park for Efteling Hotel will be relocated to behind the Vogel Rok show building.

Kleine Boodschap have roughly drawn up these plans in comparison to the Efteling Hotel and Vogel Rok.

It is however believed that this is an early sketch given to the authorities showing an option for the area. So plans may have changed since then.

The issues with the authorities and locals have not yet been resolved. Since construction was planned to start soon concerns are being raised that they won't actually meet the planned 2020 completion date.


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Some positive news for the coaster and the future of Efteling in general! The park's expansion plans, dubbed Efteling 2030, have finally been approved by the local authorities.
"The municipal council of Loon op Zand has just agreed with the ambitious future plans of the amusement park. The Efteling wants to expand in several places, so that more space is created for new attractions and accommodation.
For example, the Efteling is planning to open a launch roller coaster within a few years on a piece of land between the Efteling Hotel and the Traptreintjes. The arrival of the coaster has come a lot closer thanks to the decision, although the Efteling will still have to apply for a building permit for new attractions. That application is then checked against the new zoning plan.

The plan has been intensively worked on for almost four years. The theme park aims to grow from more than five million visitors to about seven million visitors per year over the next decade. This also includes various measures to combat traffic nuisance, such as adapting access roads and adding extra parking places.

However one obstacle remains. The angry local residents, who have been trying to block the expansion, have already announced that they plan to take the park to court if the zoning plan is be approved. So there could still be a spanner in the works."

It remains to be seen if they will actually succeed in getting the coaster built in time for the planned 2020 opening but at least it seems it will hopefully be built eventually. It will also be intriguing to see how the park expands and changes in the coming years as part of this expansion masterplan.


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As confirmed last October when Efteling announced Max and Mortiz to replace Bob in 2020, they have had to postpone by a year the addition of a new themed area until 2021. The area will feature a major family attraction (rumoured to be an Intamin Family Launch Coaster) and some small ride.

Looopings now claim to have heard from insiders that the working title for the new coaster is Circus Balancé.
However its worth noting these working titles tend to change for example Baron 1898 was referred to as Hoogmoed during the planning stages.
Rumours still claim this will be a family launch coaster with a circus theme and have no inversions but will feature 'special elements'. The central eye catching building of the area is believed to be a large circus tent.

Later this week the park will hear from the State whether they have permission to finally start construction.


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Efteling have not been given permission for their expansion by the State Council.

The preliminary relief judge fears that the planned expansion may cause extra noise and traffic nuisance. The amusement park has agreed with the municipal council to guarantee that there will be no extra inconvenience. But the State Council is not convinced by the formulation of these rules in the zoning plan.

Had the court given permission, Efteling would have applied for a building permit today for the first phase (the new Circus area with the coaster) and be on course for a 2021 opening.

Efteling's expansion has been discussed for years and in September 2018 the municipal council of Loon op Zand unanimously approved the future plans. In December though several local residents appealed to State Council to stop the expansion.

Efteling have officially made a statement on their blog about the news:
Efteling can not start with the extension of the park
01 March 2019

Today the State Council decided that the Efteling can not yet start with the expansion of the park.
The zoning plan 'World of the Efteling 2030' was established by the municipality in 2018. A number of local residents are worried about the plans of the Efteling. They therefore appealed to the State Council at the end of last year against the zoning plan and applied for a temporary injunction.

With the application for such a provisional injunction, the local residents urgently asked the Council not to put the established zoning plan 'World of the Efteling 2030' into effect. Unfortunately for us, the judge of the State Council approved that request and the Efteling can not yet start with the expansion of the park.

What now?
We are disappointed that the Efteling can not start with the expansion for the time being. The State Council will decide later on this year about the submitted appeals and then determine whether the plans, as described in the zoning plan, may be implemented.

2019 and 2020 Plans
The arrival of the 30th fairy tale in the Fairy Tale Forest will of course continue. In the autumn of 2019 the Efteling opens the new fairy tale The Six Swans, after a story by the Brothers Grimm. In addition, the Carnival Festival and De Oude Tufferbaan attractions will undergo a major refurbishment. In 2020 the new roller coaster Max & Moritz is expected, at the location where the Bobsleigh run now stands. It becomes a double roller coaster suitable for the whole family, especially for children between 4 and 10 years old (from 1 meter in size).
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