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Chengdu Aviation park | China | 2019

Discussion in 'Park Construction' started by roomraider, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Another day. Another new park starts construction somewhere in China.

    This one was announced a while back but I waited for proper signs of construction before posting anything

    Confirmed rides include
    Intamin Family Launched Coaster (Similar in style to Jet Skis and Quad Bike coasters but I imagine plane themed)
    Zamperla Air Force
    Zamperla Air Race
    Zamperla Disco Coaster
    Various other Zamperla Flats

    The park will also have a fairly large indoor component showing off Aviation history and with a number of static aircraft exhibits.
    Not a whole lot else is know yet but some nice concept art below.

    Aviation6.jpg Aviation2.jpg Aviation3.png Aviation4.jpg Aviation5.png

    And the state of the ground work as of April 2017
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