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CANCELLED - Unfinnished Business | FINLAND |24th - 26th Jul 2020


Worth remembering about 1/3rd space was taken before being released with staff and drivers combined

Chris Brown

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A follow up email will be sent in the next few days confirming places and payment details!

@Arttu I've seen your email and have responded. I'm sorry you missed the deadline, as said above it did fill up quickly! We will be running a reserve list should anyone drop out, you're more than welcome to organise accommodation / travel with other members of the reserve list and join us at the parks. CoasterForce may be able to adjust park arrangements to include extra members if applicable.

Chris Brown

Mr CoasterForce 2016
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Hi all, I've just sent out a confirmation email to all who signed up! Please check your junk / spam folders. If you signed up and have not yet received an email please contact me.

Also if anyone wants to jump on the reserve list please feel free to PM me,

Confirmed List of Attendees;

Chris Brown
Ian Bell
Richard Stone
Fiona Watt
Nic Jenkins
Sue Shaw
Nathan Power
Dan Maycock
Jordan Wood
Rachel Burfutt
Emily Mansfield
Owain Davies
Andrew Nicholson
Luka Dragonetti
Ben Wheeler
Matthew Wakefield
Daniel Roach
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones +1
Tilen Burnik
Harry Peach
Russel Hunt
Jack Oliver
John Cooper
Alex Catley
Rick Van der Beek
Andrew Thornton

Reserve List;

Arttu Pulkkinen
Tuomo Viholainen

I'll link full names to usernames soon!
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Helsinki local here! I'll be joining the live as an unofficial extra member, so if anyone who didn't make the official sign up list would still like to join the live (@Arttu?), let me know. I have a car so that takes care of traveling. We can figure out accommodations once I know if people are interested :)


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I'm in!

Eli sama suomeksi! Voin lähteä ja osallistua kustannuksiin.

Do you happen to live in the capital area by any chance? If you do, we only really need a hotel somewhere near Power Park, but I'll wait for a while to see if anyone else is interested before making any reservations/concrete plans :)


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I’m really pleased to have some native Finns joining us!


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Hell yes, even more fab people along for the trip. This is looking like it's going to be an awesome live, and one hell of a turnout.


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Just wondering - if this corona thing was to spread, and all 3 parks had to close - would any of the money be refundable?



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I'd say the situation has to get really really bad before they take such drastic measures here in Finland. I don't recall something like that happening during the 2009 swine flu pandemic either.