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  1. Anac0nda

    VR coaster at Linnanmäki

    The first VR coaster in the Nordic countries, Linnunrata eXtra, opens this week on Friday the 20th at Linnanmäki! The park has released a teaser video:
  2. Anac0nda

    "Ukko" - Söhne Skyloop - Linnanmäki Local news "Linnanmäki will have a new more wilder roller coaster. The ride has already been planned for five years, but so far the project has only been in the wind, because it is considered to modify too much of the cityscape. Now the new Sky Loop ride...
  3. Anac0nda

    Interviewing coaster designers

    So I'm currently working on a school project, on which I must interview a representative of an occupation, which fascinates me (I'm currently studying in high school, second grade; in Finland). I have sent questions through e-mail to Intamin, B&M, Gerstlauer and Maurer Söhne, but only Söhne has...