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  1. CSLKennyNI

    Crazy Bats VR Coaster - Phantasialand

    EDIT: Fake News! No rides are being removed before the 2019 season after all. Go to Page 6 for VR announcement. Could it be the end for Geister Rikscha at Phantasialand? The oldest ride in the park might be closing permanently at the end of the winter season this Sunday. Geister Rikscha is a...
  2. CSLKennyNI

    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area 2020

    Last month Screamscape reported on some new trademarks filed by Paultons Park. In this blog from Coaster Connection its reported that the park are relocating and rebuilding new and improved enclosures for their Pelicans and Flamingos. The former enclosure site is still fenced off with...
  3. CSLKennyNI

    Europa Park to build a cable car to France

    The Macks have announced a new project - a cable car is planned to be built from Europa Park in Germany across the Rhine river and into France. Connecting together Germany and France. The goal is to relieve the burden on the streets around Europa Park with the park's ever increasing visitor...
  4. CSLKennyNI

    Epcot | Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind | Vekoma

    Supports and track are now being stored on site at Disney World for the Guardians coaster. Source Work the ride building continues with the side panels being added. The former Ellen building has been stripped for reuse as the station building. How the building might look when done based of...
  5. CSLKennyNI

    Liseberg 2020 Dark Ride Underlandet

    According to these documents filed here Liseberg are planning a new dark ride for 2020. Will be interesting to see what they do.
  6. CSLKennyNI

    Hansa Park | Highlander | Funtime Gyro Drop Tower

    Hansa Park have started teasing something new for 2019. "Something big is coming" To be announced 17th August. Not known yet if this will be a ride or something else. Although I think it would be odd to use the phase 'something big' if this isn't for a ride.
  7. CSLKennyNI

    Legendia | Unknown | Hafema Rapids | 2020

    Legendia in Poland has started teasing a new attraction for 2020. user Vince took these pictures yesterday showing the teaser signage. Seemingly some sort of water ride - flume, rapids, water coaster? A 2020 teaser has also appeared on the park map. The new attraction will be...
  8. CSLKennyNI

    Phantasialand Improvements for 2018

    The hilly terrain and the way the park is built up with a lot of concrete makes it difficult to get an uniformly strong mobile reception through the park. After two years of planning of planning and coordination with three different service providers Phantasialand has installed a new hidden...
  9. CSLKennyNI

    Parques Reunidos has acquired Belantis

    It seems Parques Reunidos is about to claim another victim... I mean acquire another park. ;) PR has started a merger process for the indirect acquisition of EVENT PARK GmbH, the operator of Belantis, at the Federal Cartel Office. If there are no major objections from the authorities the...
  10. CSLKennyNI

    Bobbejaanland to open a second VR coaster

    Bobbejaanland, the unloved child of Parques Reunidos, added VR to their indoor coaster Revolution in 2016. Now the park's next new addition this year will be: another VR coaster! Dreamcatcher, the oldest coaster in the park (Vekoma Suspended 1987), will receive wild west themed VR. As part of...
  11. CSLKennyNI

    Alpine Coaster for Northern Ireland

    I came across this news article about Colin Glen Forest Park, near Belfast, and their plans to add an alpine coaster. The article doesn't outright call it an alpine coaster so I contacted the park to confirm it (their response was it will be like the Fforest Coaster in Wales). The coaster will...
  12. CSLKennyNI

    Hansa Park Developments

    As well as the new family flat ride Barcos del Mar for 2018 Hansa Park are continuing their project to theme the entire park to the Hanseatic league. Nessie is being rethemed. The station and surrounding area will look like the ruins of a castle. They've started adding rockwork on the tunnel...
  13. CSLKennyNI

    Movie Park Germany Developments

    Movie Park Germany are possibly giving the popular Mystery River (Never ending story) rapids some sort of refurbishment for 2018. In this interview from the end of September the park manager said they hope to make some improvements to Mystery River however at the time they had not decided on how...
  14. CSLKennyNI

    Djurs Sommerland to add new kiddie coaster for 2018

    The park have announced a kiddie coaster and carousel with a dragon theme (to fit in with Drage Kongen) for 2018. No further details have been announced yet.
  15. CSLKennyNI

    Skyline Park remove Sky Dragster after 3 years

    Skyline Park in Germany have announced they are taking a break from investing in "spectacular new attractions" (have they ever done this?) in 2018 and 2019, and in 2020 a new large 10 million euro attraction will open. The new attraction they say will attract many visitors to the park, and will...
  16. CSLKennyNI

    Efteling 2021 Expansion + Family Launch Coaster The next big new attraction in the Efteling will be an intense big roller coaster. The Kaatsheuvels fairytale park wants to add a spectacular rollercoaster within a few years Looopings can...
  17. CSLKennyNI

    Phantasialand Celebration Days July 2017

    Wrote this back in July, forgot to post it ... pft. Phantasialand's fabulous Celebration Days. My full reviews of the rides and the park can be found in my trip report from April. ( I'm not...
  18. CSLKennyNI

    Europa Park to add a new major Mack coaster within the next 5 years

    Michael Mack has confirmed via an interview on Europa-Park Radio that a new themed area and major rollercoaster are to be added sometime after 2019. The area is set to be located behind Greece in a new themed area. Scotland, Croatia and Poland are just some of the countries said to be in the...
  19. CSLKennyNI

    Efteling | Max & Moritz | Mack Powered Coasters

    End for Bob in the Efteling in sight? Efteling in an interview with Looopings has said they are considering all available options for the future of their Bobsled coaster. How long does the bobban in the...
  20. CSLKennyNI

    Eurosat 2.0 - Refurbishment - Europa Park

    Reports are coming out of the Fan Event ,via, taking place in the Globe Theatre today, that Eurosat is set for a complete refurbishment for 2018. This may include changes to the layout, full track replacement and an all-new Eurosat experience. This would suggest that Eurosat will be...