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  1. DelPiero

    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2020 Edition

    21/25 - Mako, Taiga, X2, Untamed. I'll get Untamed this year, no chance of the states ones for a while I don't think.
  2. DelPiero

    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    I was going to say the same. I had no idea what was coming on that drop and my hands when straight to the restraints for the first time in years. Colorado Adventure as well, everyone goes on about it but you don't expect it to have that much airtime.
  3. DelPiero

    Lightning Rod Status

    It's a real shame it's come to this. I'm very lucky to have managed to ride it when I did, it instantly became my number 1 coaster and still sits 3rd. This was prior to the changes that were made during the 2017? season. Clearly the ride needs fixing, if this is the only way to save a multi...
  4. DelPiero

    Your year in review - 2020 edition

    - Coaster Count at start of 2020: 486 - Coaster Count at end of 2020: 486 - New coasters ridden in 2020: 0 - New parks visited in 2020: 0 - Park visits in 2020: 1 - Favourite new coaster of 2020: N/A - Best new-to-you coaster: N/A - Favourite new ride (overall) of 2020: Did anything open...
  5. DelPiero

    Rank the RMC inversions

    1 - Wildfire's Zero-G Stall - Not only the best of RMC's repertoire, but clearly the worlds best inversion as well. Nothing else provides the perfect mix of speed, hang, flip and floater. All whilst on a wooden coaster with the best view from a coaster ever. The Tina Turner of inversions. 2 -...
  6. DelPiero

    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021

    Family GG. That's the answer every time we speculate on Paultons I thought? ?
  7. DelPiero

    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    I totally forgot that it had mad dog sauce in it! ?
  8. DelPiero

    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    Oh yeah that was a good one, loads of people dressed up that year too. Sprouts were awful, I haven't made them again ?
  9. DelPiero

    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    Funnily enough I haven't actually been on that many Lives, especially in the last few years, the dates always seem to clash with when I have my little ones and while I can drag the 9 yr old to most places, the 6 year old is too small and afraid unfortunately. Fortunately, the Lives I have been...
  10. DelPiero

    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    21 apparently, based off my grouping criteria. From most recent down to the first; Fun Park Big Apple Familia Berti Bruco Mela Cavellino Matto Topo Zorro Worlds of Fun Cosmic Coaster Energylandia Frutti Loop Coaster Clacton Pier Wild Mouse Buwalda, Familie Crazy Clown...
  11. DelPiero

    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    The current situation for me, last park visit was 15th September 2019, yet to get out to a park but starting to make plans for a trip somewhere in the UK. I've never gone a year before but hopefully I'll get somewhere in the next month.
  12. DelPiero

    Wodan vs Troy

    Do I not exist anymore? Troy is slightly better than Wodan as a ride imo, but I love Wodan's theming.
  13. DelPiero

    Drayton Manor sold to Looping Group (page 5)

    Twister @ Grona Lund is around the size of that plot but no out and back woodie would fit, not even the small ones like Wooden Warrior. Any ground up woodie, or new Eurofighter would be too expensive, Rob is 100% right. It would have to be 2nd hand so that rules out wood.
  14. DelPiero

    Drayton Manor sold to Looping Group (page 5)

    G force's footprint was absolutely tiny, there's a reason why it had that awful lift hill. Whatever goes in there will be small and boring. There's also no chance of it integrating with Thomas Land as they would need to move the entrance, which would cost as much as a small coaster.
  15. DelPiero

    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

    Coaster looks fab, not shedding any tears if it's delayed until next year, the area itself looks a way off from the latest pics. Good to see EL are reducing the walking on the big two, the Hyperion one was desperately needed. The vests on these are much better than the B&M ones, they don't...
  16. DelPiero

    What are your favourite non-coaster attractions?

    Was there a bloody donkey in a hat there too?
  17. DelPiero

    WTF Merlin?

    SBR is a good, obtainable sauce here in the Uk, if I'm struggling with getting my fave then there aren't many others I'll pop out to the shops and get. WTF Merlin! Start using SBR in Woodcutters.
  18. DelPiero

    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    You know something has your attention when you start looking up flight prices in the middle of a global pandemic where you have to isolate at home if you come back into the country....
  19. DelPiero

    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    Nemesis Oblivion Wickerman Thirteen Galactica/Air Spinball RMT Octonaughts Won't rank the old ones. I liked Black Hole and Corkscrew was a back breaker, +1s are +1s.
  20. DelPiero

    Favorite Drop Tower

    Tower of Terror Mystery Castle is the fabbest Zumanjaro is the scariest Power Tower (CP) is the crappiest Scream is brilliant, up there with MC. I've done every drop tower I've come across, way too many to list, even the crap ones are worth having a go, especially the Mosers :)