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  1. JoshC.

    Rollercoasters and Robot Wars

    ha, love this thread!! Before answering the question, I'm going to come in with a bit of a brag. The dad of a friend of mine from primary school had a robot on Robot Wars - Dantomkia. Nice simple robot with a flipper. Famously was the first (and maybe only?) robot to flip the legendary Chaos 2...
  2. JoshC.

    Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021

    I expect the non-inverting cobra roll (can we call it a hognose roll?) to be the one respite moment of the ride. The first couple of elements have strong airtime, in theory, and the element happens just before the half way mark of the ride. Having it as a calmer moment (whilst still hopefully...
  3. JoshC.

    Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021

    I like it. Looks good, and the right level of cheesey. If anyone is looking for a drinking game during lockdown though, I suggest taking a shot every time "Storm Chaser(s)" is said in that video.
  4. JoshC.

    The TV we watch...

    I'm not a Marvel person at all. In fact, I'm not a big superhero person at all. But I watched the episodes that are out because my big-Marvel-fan flatmates were watching it (so basically, 'because it was on'). They were confused and intrigued by it. I was plain ol' bamboozled. Had some nice...
  5. JoshC.

    Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021

    The more I've thought about this, and more I remain...conflicted about it, I guess. Just thinking about the attraction / area in its own right, I love it. The ride looks great (even if I am a bit unsure about how I'll feel with spinning and inversions). The theme is unique, different and fun...
  6. JoshC.

    Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021

    So we have a name and theme. Who's looking forward to... The Ride to Happiness, presented by Tomorrowland...? Just when I thought this ride couldn't be any less Plopsaland... EDIT: Some concept art... Source...
  7. JoshC.

    If you could put any roller coaster in your home park, what would it be and where would it go?

    Home park is Thorpe. One thing I've wanted them to have for ages now is a pair of duelling / racing junior Vekoma boomerangs, somewhere by Stealth. Maybe where the Teacups / Dodgems are. Theme it around a race of course, do a classic Merlin 'central major theming piece', and then even with a...
  8. JoshC.

    Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread

    I don't know the difference between these two things anymore ? Are we sure it's not a zero-g twisty wisty? Or a step up half flip roll? Why not a Dutch twist? I miss the days when inversions were all easy to name and recognise; simpler times...
  9. JoshC.

    Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread

    Some more photos of the Renegade model, including a clearer look at that stall
  10. JoshC.

    Ice rooms in theme parks

    The Karls park just outside Berlin has an Ice Kingdom with loads of ice statues, a bar and some ice slides. It's not designed as an ice room in the sense of it's main purpose is to simply cool off, so I guess it doesn't really fit into this thread, but it's another little gem at that place and...
  11. JoshC.

    Do you think GCSE and A Level exams should go ahead in 2021?

    From what I've heard, a big final exam is pretty standard for UK universities. Just for my experience: during my undergrad, effectively all exams were in the final term, either in April or late May/early June. Depending on the module, the exam was either worth 100% of the score in that module...
  12. JoshC.

    Do you think GCSE and A Level exams should go ahead in 2021?

    There's no easy answer here. Let's look at a specific case (and arguably the most important one) first. A Level results, and university places. Though in the long term / wider perspective, missing out on a university place isn't the end of the world, but it is hugely important to those at the...
  13. JoshC.

    Six Flags park announced in Saudi Arabia

    Humouring this project and going along with the idea it'll happen, I'm confused. This is going to be the world's tallest roller coaster (>139m) and it will feature a dive into a 160m deep valley. Like, what? Say the ride starts in said valley (which sounds like a bit of a logistical...
  14. JoshC.

    Pirate Adventure Speculation

    Given the sale of Pandemonium, and rumours of Shockwave and Apocalypse still closing, I wouldn't hold much hope that a 5 year closed dark ride space will be repurposed into something new any time soon.
  15. JoshC.

    Thorpe Park Fright Nights 20th Anniversary

    Benenen has hit the nail on the head with the issue being the lack of indoor spaces available. Especially lack of permanent indoor spaces. Obviously it's not just as simple as flicking the lights on and going with the likes of Creek Freak Massacre, but it's much easier to have a maze fully built...
  16. JoshC.

    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor | 2021

    Presumably the station has been designed with no turntable in mind, meaning that if they were to add a turntable, it would involve redesigning the station, and inclusion of a maintenance bay and many other things. Realistically no park would do those things retrospectively, let alone a park...
  17. JoshC.

    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2020 Edition

    Awesome stuff to look at - thanks for doing this! I'd be very surprised if Fly ranks well on this listing. Just from a theoretical perspective, flying coasters are generally not many people's cup of tea on here, and it will be ridden by a large majority of people. It's certainly feels hard to...
  18. JoshC.

    Energylandia | Unknown | Vekoma Minetrain | 2021

    Thanks for your posts @Maldo_Krm . A lot of what you said is stuff I'd heard from one place or another, but it's nice to see everything written down in a one place. There's one thing I'm particularly curious about though.. In what sense is the park controversial? As in, who thinks that, and...
  19. JoshC.

    Can a Mack Powersplash be run without water?

    Not sure if I'm just being dumb, but could they just not programme the ride to have two settings: one with a set water level, and one with no water? Presumably it's not that simple, and would require extra equipment and a lot of extra hassle, but is there a reason why that couldn't be an option?