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  1. roomraider

    Cred Quest - Gotta Ride Em All!

    So another long offshore job another large amount of time sitting around doing sod all. Usually I devote these times to research for VH or making stupid statistics or flow charts. This time I thought I would do something different. So please welcome the completely pointless Cred Quest. (what I...
  2. roomraider

    Bad Theme Park Translations

    This is an entirely stupid thread I'm afraid. But as someone on VH just mentioned how bad the google translate for the Regina closure announcement was I thought I would share some of my favourite mistranslations (mostly thanks to google with some park based ones) over the years. Pretty much...
  3. roomraider

    Roller Coaster Speciality store in Nagoya, Japan.

    Weird news this but did you know theres a Roller Coaster Speciality store in Nagoya, Japan? Seems like somewhere that needs to be on every enthusiasts bucket list. Link to their twitter
  4. roomraider

    Eurostar is BACK!

    In somewhat surprising news. The famous travelling inverted coaster Eurostar is back. The ride is at Detskiy Park (Formerly Anapa Childrens Park) in Anapa, Russia and looks like its been refurbed a bit in the time since it closed at Gorky Park in Moscow way back in 2011 The ride may not be the...
  5. roomraider

    Longchong Scenic Spot To Install Pretty Insane Thrill Rides

    This one is a bit out of the blue but the Longchong Scenic Spot in Chongqing, China will be installing 2 new rides. An enormous 108m sky coaster and a see-saw ride very similar to X-Scream at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. The new rides positioned atop a 500m cliff will send riders out over an...
  6. roomraider

    Oriental Neverland Phase 2 | Shaoxing China | Theme Park

    Ive posted a little about this in the small news thread but I think its time the park got its own thread as its fairly interesting. This is a new outdoor park which is opening in Shaoxing, China. it is Phase 2 of the project which started with the indoor section of Oriental Neverland that opened...
  7. roomraider

    South Korea Plans Park Themed To K-Pop And Dinosaurs.

    This was too amusing not to post really. According to an article on Asia Attractions South Korea is planning on building an Amusement Park complex themed to K-Pop and Dinosaurs. An unlikely combination really. I assume these will be seperate areas and we won't be seeing Psy riding a T-rex...
  8. roomraider

    CF Live Legacy Group Pics

    Hello All. So on a recent (this evening) drunken trawl through some old hard drives i discovered some pictures from proper old CF lives. Thought it would be nice to share and see how far we have come. (if you dont think it is nice i apologise for posting pictures of you that are now a good 14...
  9. roomraider

    Paramount Inks Deal For Park In South Korea.

    Paramount, Perenial signer of Theme Park contracts which never happen has signed a deal for a park in South Korea. Judging by the concept art at the top of the post the park is planned for this...
  10. roomraider

    Transmart Parks | Indonesia | Multiple Indoor Parks

    Feel its finally time these parks get their own thread. Theres an absolute crap ton of news coming for these parks as they continue to expand and a stupid rate. Context Transmart have a partnership with Carrefour a huge French owned retailer in Indonesia and have been building a succession of...
  11. roomraider

    Google Runs Google Home Dark Ride At CES

    Despite the fact its basically an advert for Google Home this is pretty damn cool Google are running a Dark ride at this years CES tech show in Vegas. Heres a nice little 360 POV.
  12. roomraider

    Haichang Ocean Park | Zhengzhou | Marine Theme Park

    Following the opening of Haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai (the one with the Intamin Blitz Steel Dolphin) work has stepped up on its sister park in Zhengzhou. The park due to open in 2020 is a similar style park with a mix of Marine Park and Theme Park. Concept Art Plenty of concept art around...
  13. roomraider

    Russia planning tallest coaster in Europe for 2020?

    At the moment this is very much a rumour but could Russia be about to install the tallest hyper coaster in Europe? (Lets go with Hyper Coaster since obviously Red Force is taller but hey the articles say Roller Coaster) Several news articles have appeared on Russian sites talking about a new...
  14. roomraider

    Six Flags Zhejiang | Haiyan | Theme Park

    Now the first of the Chinese Six Flags park is properly under construction it seems about time we have a topic to follow along :) Info First up this is a Six Flags Park that is mainly owned by someone called the Riverside Group. They are licensing the Six Flags name for use rather than Six...
  15. roomraider

    How To Correctly Respond To A New Coaster Announcement!

    Happy Halloween everyone. Having observed many responses to new coasters over the past few years and getting annoyed at peoples responses I have decided to write a short flow chart on how you should feel/reply/respond to new coaster announcements. Clearer version can be found here -...
  16. roomraider

    Happy Valley Beijing | Music Roller Coaster | B&M Hyper Coaster

    Its getting late in the year and as is now becoming tradition a Yellow B&M is going up in Asia. Unfortunately @Hixee this time its going to be really tough to find any images taken from a snow covered ski slope. :( Thought we had a thread for this but it appears it was for the Junior Invert...
  17. roomraider

    Unsolved Coaster Mysteries

    Thought this would be an interesting topic to do as there are a few around. A disclaimer first perhaps a better topic for this post at least would be "Coaster Mysteries I Don't Personally Know The Answer To".... Maybe these are solved and I just don't know(very possible), Certainly all of these...
  18. roomraider

    M&D's announce £3 Million Expansion.

    Not sure quite how they can afford this but a new expansion and new coaster seems to be coming to M&D's in Scotland.
  19. roomraider

    Japanese 1970 5-Sided Racing Coaster.

    In what was very much news to me and I suspect a few others the European Coaster Club's new First Drop Magazine reported in their latest issues that the Infamous Daidarasaurus that ran at Expoland In Japan from 1970 to 2007 actually opened at a 5 track racing coaster before 3 sides were cut...
  20. roomraider

    Gyeongnam Robot Land | South Korea | Theme Park

    Right first off lets clear up a bit of confusion here. South Korea is due to get 2 seperate Robot Land Parks. One in Incheon near Seoul in the northern part of South Korea (no not North Korea :p ) and one nearer Busan in the south of South Korea. We had a thread about the Robot Land...