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  1. ECG

    Help needed for our Inversions page

    We're planning on updating our Inversions page and need help creating inversion animations to post. Anyone interested in helping to create them please reply. Thanks
  2. ECG

    Defunct Coaster Count

    I could have sworn we already had one of these, but can't find the thread any more. Not counting the five coasters at La Feria Chapultepec Magico, because I do believe the park will open again at some point, I'm now at exactly 160 coasters that no longer exist. Now to find that coaster count...
  3. ECG

    KMG sued over Ohio Fire Ball accident

    A lawsuit was filed in the 2017 'Fire Ball' tragedy at the Ohio State Fair. The suit alleges Fire Ball manufacturer, KMG, designed a defective product and knew about it at least five years before the deadly malfunction. Attorney Mike Rourke, who represents Fire Ball victim, Tamica Dunlap, says...
  4. ECG

    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    Silver Dollar City has removed the Lost River of the Ozarks rapids ride to make room for a huge new 2020 project. No details about what the park is working on, but in addition to the ride, a very large area surrounding the attraction has been cleared. Compare this arial photo... with this...
  5. ECG

    Coney Island park expansion to continue

    In another step toward the new Coney Island envisioned under the 2009 rezoning, the city’s Department of Parks & Recreation released a request for proposals, or RFP, for the creation and operation of new rides, games and other attractions for the empty lots between the Cyclone roller coaster and...
  6. ECG

    Knott's adding free-roaming multi-player VR attraction

    VRstudios and Cedar Fair announced today that the virtual reality company will design and install a specialized VR experience at Knott's Berry Farm and the upcharge attraction will open the second quarter of this year. “Our collaboration with VRstudios to develop a new custom-built, immersive...
  7. ECG

    Hansa Park 2017 additions

    Hansa Park is adding a fully themed Gerstlauer Sky Fly called Kärnapulten to their ride lineup for 2017. The previously announced Der Kleine Zar kiddie coaster that was supposed to open during the 2016 season will also definitely open this year. Kärnapulten will be replacing the Torre Del Mar...
  8. ECG

    Kentucky Kingdom new for 2017

    Today Kentucky Kingdom announced the addition of "Eye of the Storm", a 73 foot (22 m) tall Larsen Giant Loop ride, for 2017. The park is also upgrading its classic wooden coaster, Thunder Run, which will receive a new PTC train and track modifications at a cost of more than half a million...
  9. ECG

    Särkänniemi | Hype | Premier Sky Rocket II

    The recent photo below shows that Särkänniemi has removed its kiddie river ride. Could a new coaster be on it's way? Edited to correct that it's the kiddie river ride that was removed. - ECG
  10. ECG

    Best Backyard Coaster?

    Today a French guy posted a message on our Facebook page with a link to his Facebook page. I've seen a lot of people try building these in the past, but I think this "Crazy Mouse" could be the best attempt at building a backyard coaster yet. It uses an elevator lift and even has a fog machine...
  11. ECG

    Tripsdrill complete Karacho area with new attractions

    Today Erlebnispark Tripsdrill opened the new family attraction "Heißer Ofen" (Hot oven). The ride features classic motorcycles with sidecars that move up and down as the ride rotates. The opening marks the completion the 9000 m2 "Karle Kolbenfresser" (Carl Pistoneater) area of the park...
  12. ECG

    2-year-old boy killed by alligator at Disney Resort

    Source with video.
  13. ECG

    Six Flags All-Season THE FLASH Pass

    So Six Flags is now offering an all-season Flash Pass. It's currently on sale for $399, but will go up to $799 this summer. You have to have a season pass or be a park member in order to purchase the pass. THE FLASH Pass is only valid at the park where you purchased the season pass, even though...
  14. ECG

    64 Riders evacuated from SheiKra

    Here we go again. Although it doesn't say so in this report, apparently an electrical issue caused the safety system to kick in. Source with video.
  15. ECG

    Rainbow MagicLand to join the VR Coaster revolution

    Looks like Italy will be getting their first VR coaster. I'm surprised it's Rainbow MagicLand instead of Gardaland or Mirabilandia. Source So speculation has begun on which coaster will feature the VR experience. My first guess was Bombo, the park's Vekoma junior coaster, but from what I've...
  16. ECG

    Your Park Count

    Since we all like lists and keeping track of where we've been and what we've ridden. :P It's 236 for me: ADVENTURE CITY (Anaheim, California) ADVENTURE PARK USA (New Market, Maryland) ADVENTUREDOME (Las Vegas, Nevada) ADVENTURELAND (Farmingdale, Long Island) ADVENTURELAND (Altoona, Iowa)...
  17. ECG

    $100 Million Noah’s Ark Theme Park in Kentucky

    LOL! Guess they built an ark that didn't float.
  18. ECG

    CoasterForce Cinema

    Some of you might have noticed that Braedon Freeland (bfree on the Forums) has started helping me with providing content on our YouTube channel. Today we posted the first in our new video series called CoasterForce Cimena and I wanted to post this here to get some feedback from our members. This...
  19. ECG

    The Walking Dead Attraction at USH & MPG (page 2)

    It looks like Universal Studios Hollywood have purchased The Walking Dead attraction and it will be opening this summer. Source
  20. ECG

    Rye's Playland Park to get new steel coaster

    Source I know many here would probably rather see the place burnt to the ground rather than revitalized, but I'm hoping for the best and want this to succeed.