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  1. jay37415

    What does MMFO at RCDB means?

    Guess i was. I somehow missed that post when reading through the thread at 4:30 in the morning. The joys of working nightshift.
  2. jay37415

    What does MMFO at RCDB means?

    montado mas fechado operacional played with Google translate and came up with this in Porteguese. with a rough english translation as "mounted but closed operational"
  3. jay37415

    Is Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood classed as an Arrow or a Morgan?

    Actually Irvine Ondrey Engineering did a complete update of the control system cabinet and PLC logic back in 2014. The only thing left on the coaster thats Arrow is the lift to the end of the straight section and the chassis of the trains. For the sake of the conversation, I would list Steel...
  4. jay37415

    Dollywood to Announce Largest Investment!

    Have you any word on when it will be rescheduled?
  5. jay37415

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi

    Usually the first test riders are construction crew members. they get to be the first guinea pigs.
  6. jay37415

    “Warming up throughout the day” - a myth?

    I think it goes back to air temperature. Its obviously warmer in July vs April.
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    Forget seeing the layout! How 'bout that 70's porno music.
  8. jay37415

    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor

    I know that was posted 7 hours ago but I just saw where they put in the last piece.
  9. jay37415

    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor

    I checked the forums for Railblazer and vertical construction started December 4 and last piece was in place January 16. So Full cconstruction took about 6 weeks depending on how much time the crews took off for the holidays. Devil is basically a double out and back which makes construction...
  10. jay37415

    Dollywood to Announce Largest Investment!

    If I remember correctly, there were two different surveys E-Mailed Out. One was concerning the theming for an interactive dark ride which was shared by Coaster Chall. But there was also another one taking a survey about the type of attraction to add next. I believe those choices were a Mack...
  11. jay37415

    Dollywood to Announce Largest Investment!

    It's pretty much a given that there would be a Phase 2 at Wildwood Grove. Pete has said before at Thrills in the Hills that his dream would be to get a Giga. But keep in mind that Copperhead strike cost $26 mil and Lightning Rod was $22 mil. So either a Mack or B&M would be fitting.
  12. jay37415

    “Warming up throughout the day” - a myth?

    I don't have all the answers pertaining to water and grease but here's some thoughts. I think a wet ride would be more noticeably fast on wooden coasters vs steel. If properly maintained. A wood coaster needs the steel rails oiled daily to help reduce friction where the wheel is straining the...
  13. jay37415

    Steepest Coaster

    Although they are called "Dive Coasters" they are technically not a vertical drop. Oblivion's drop is listed at 87.5 on RCDB. Credit is given to Tower of Terror as to being the first coaster with a 90 drop after the lift hill. Pure speculation here but I would say...
  14. jay37415

    “Warming up throughout the day” - a myth?

    Maintenance guy here (not amusement park but large factory): It does have a lot to do with the grease. Obviously the grease in the wheels have a chance to cool down overnight and thicken. It takes some time for the grease in the bearings to warm up to optimal operating temperature and thin out...
  15. jay37415

    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor

    Do we have a Slap bet?
  16. jay37415

    Rank the SBF Visa Spinners

    How can you guys even have this list without putting the Hamster wheel on top?
  17. jay37415

    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    My count is not as high as some of you but my #100 was Diamondback at KI. It was a cool moment cause I rode it together with my 12 year old son who logged his #50. This summer he will hit #100 (14yo) on Steel Vengeance and my daughter will hit #100 at Kings Island. If all goes to plan, my...
  18. jay37415

    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    I am wondering how some members (you know who you are) plan on doing Kentucky Kingdom AND Holiday world in the same day while hungover from the night before?
  19. jay37415

    Station fly-through: health & safety regulations

    From all the hearing training I have received working in a factory. This is correct. I asked the lead ride opp on Thunderhead about wearing earplugs and she told me with one train operation the exposure limit is not exceeded but with two trains they are required to wear them. I have seen some...