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  1. Peet

    Universal Studios Beijing | 2020

    Some views inside the launch tunnel, I think it was confirmed a while ago that it will use drive tyres but this puts it beyond any doubt:
  2. Peet

    OpenRCT Server

    Did this happen? I just got round to reinstalling Open RCT but I can't find the CF server in the list.
  3. Peet

    IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    The track has started to go up:
  4. Peet

    Vietnam | Vinpearl Thu Thiem | Theme Park

    Absolutely lovely stuff, this has got me excited for Abyssus which I think will be even better.
  5. Peet

    New Jersey | American Dream | Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Park

    Sounds to me like they are saying less retail, therefore increasing the proportion of the offering that is entertainment. It's a bit (very) early for this kind of talk! Even if the current owners went out of business it would likely be picked up as a whole park by other investors.
  6. Peet

    Adventureland 2021 Dragon Replacement

    That wild mouse looks... interesting. But it's a small compact coaster so likely to find a buyer. Even Dragon looks like it is being dismantled rather than torn down, but it's hard to imagine it being relocated.
  7. Peet

    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    Good to see this tiny chink of light although the website is not actually stating that they will open on this date. For those not aware that was the BPB website. Alton Towers seem to be allowing booking from 1st June which seems very unlikely:
  8. Peet

    Universal Studios Beijing | 2020

    Some more pics of the Transformers coaster have been posed by Roller Coaster Dream:
  9. Peet

    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    At least they have plenty of room in those queue lines to space everyone out by 2 metres.
  10. Peet

    M&D's Theme Park goes into Administration

    As @Lofty said, it's not unusual. You have to separate the business and the people that run it. If you have ever wondered what ltd means at the end of a company name, have a read here:
  11. Peet

    IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    Lots of supports going up now:
  12. Peet

    Gröna Lund | Unknown | B&M Invert

    C'mon folks that is literally 2 whole pages going on about B&M vest restraints when we have a whole topic for them here: I love that Grona Lund are squeezing this coaster in, the layout looks a bit weak...
  13. Peet

    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    Europa Park opening "very soon":
  14. Peet

    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    It looks like Tivoli are planning to open this month: Regarding the conversations above, people need to stop saying that a theme park is an event - that's not what event means! Examples of events are concerts, festivals and sports...
  15. Peet

    Luna Park (NYC) 2020 Expansion

    It's a Zamperla J2SK as listed on rcdb. A quick look at the other creds in this line confirms the track is the same style, for example:
  16. Peet

    Tonnerre de Zeus to be Renovated for 2021?

    Bienvenue à Coasterforce et mecri pour les photos! @Matt N / @CrashCoaster he says it's following the original course, just a retrack. I'm glad to see this, it could genuinely be one of the very best woodies in Europe with a little TLC.
  17. Peet

    Alabama’s Rampage and Wales’ Megafobia

    Rampage ranked #14 in the World in the 2018 Ello coaster poll so some people must be raving about it: And yeah Megafobia is great.
  18. Peet

    M&D's Theme Park goes into Administration

    Two points - firstly just because a park has gone into administration, it doesn't mean it's closing. Remember Fantasy Island, Dreamland and Six Flags have all been through administration and emerged from the other side. If it is deemed that it could be profitable, then it will likely be sold as...
  19. Peet

    SFMM 2021 - Possible Extended Jersey Devil Clone

    You're about 3 pages behind - it's an RMC raptor, I am pleased to inform you.
  20. Peet

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Ha good spot. I always wondered why Devil's Den and Hawnted House were listed but this one wasn't. Don't think I'll be adding it to my count though.