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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    I guess it's not EXACTLY the same angle, but what happened?
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    I saw a profile view of it elsewhere and it...doesn't look good. Luckily, that behind view looks halfway decent, and I'm sure it'll look good from the front.
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    Ugh, this element was growing on me but it isn't anymore. The track following the heartline makes the top look squished. Still hoping that it looks good once it's finally complete though!
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    Intamin Unveils Four New Concepts

    The problem with every single example you gave is that the "copycat" released a technically (mechanically) superior product and the market responded by purchasing the superior product. B&M's wing coaster train design is leaps and bounds better than Intamin's for numerous reasons; including a mix...
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    IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    Not sure why, considering that the set piece doesn't have a holding brake, but the top hat's holding brakes are giving off some similar vibes:
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    Intamin Unveils Four New Concepts

    Interesting. The track ends were definitely getting faced and fitted in the fab shop, numerous pieces were running through paint, and another grouping was getting loaded onto a flatbed. Maybe they outsource the raw fabrication and then take care of the finishing processes in house or maybe they...
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    Intamin Unveils Four New Concepts

    Unless KD's free spin isn't actually going to be a free spin, I don't think this is the case considering that exact same green track was up in Hayden, ID when I was there last month.
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    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster

    Looks like they're really putting all their eggs in one balloon basket with this theming.
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    Intamin Unveils Four New Concepts

    Proliferation of technical innovation throughout the industry is to be expected, like B&M debuting their version of the wing coaster despite Intamin's, or S&S's free spin despite Intamin's. Yet these products still mechanical differences from each other - manufacturer specific track and support...
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    Intamin Unveils Four New Concepts

    I mean... I guess it's worth criticizing how these rides are blatant ripoffs, or at least from what we know about them they are. But I enjoyed my rides on Superman at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and Pulsar looks great, and Raptors are fantastic rides. I'm sure all of these products will be...
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    Next European Park to get a B&M

    To be honest though, is a multi-launch coaster really as groundbreaking as everyone seems to be suggesting? Volcano was a "multi-launch" coaster built in '99, and we've seen numerous examples since then. Obviously we could see a new seating position or new design philosophy (ultra compact...
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    New Jersey | American Dream | Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Park

    The manufacturer is usually on call or "on site" for the first year of operation to essentially serve that warranty purpose. While the ride is officially handed off to the park, the manufacturer is readily available to properly train maintenance crews and address any technical issues that arise...
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    CF Pokemon Go

    Forgot to post a refreshed link: @Ian if we can remember, one of us will try and poke you via messenger if we end up organizing a raid.
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    B&M Surf Coaster Thread (Possibly SeaWorld Orlando 2021)

    Do you have a source regarding the lien payments?
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    New track at the B&M plant

    B&M's spine varies in thickness between low and high G areas, but it usually doesn't transition as quickly as that piece that @CoasterMac305 pointed out. That's a pretty significant change in thickness in one track section.