Goats on the Roof Mountain Coaster, Tennessee, USA

A man suffered a broken arm after extending it outside the Alpine Coaster car during the ride and was transported to a local hospital. Source

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, Tennessee, USA

A 44-year-old woman was thrown from the Alpine Coaster car suffering fractures of both wrists, a kneecap, head trauma, and possible broken ribs. Source

Raging River, Adventureland, Iowa, USA

A 68-year-old employee died when he fell on the ride’s conveyor belt, fracturing his skull and suffering a major brain injury. Source

Tsunami, M&Ds Scotland’s Theme Park, UK

Nine children and two adults were hospitalised after all five carriages on the Pinfari-manufactured coaster came off the tracks, plunging roughly 20 feet (6m) to the ground and hitting a child’s car ride, before coming to a rest upside down, leaving riders trapped. Source

Tsunam M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park Accident
Police with Health and Safety Executives investigate the incident.

Zippin Pippin, Bay Beach, Wisconsin, USA

One rider and two workers were injured when an occupied train failed to stop properly, hitting an empty train in the loading area, which in turn hit the workers. Source (with video report)

Zippin Pippin Bay Beach Wisconsin Accident
Fire truck at the scene of the incident.

Disco Dancer, Kishkinta Theme Park, Chennai, India

A 25-year-old man was killed and 10 others injured when employees were forced to test a Disk-O knockoff ride came off the track and crashed to the ground. Source

King’s Crown, Cinco de Mayo Carnival, Nebraska, USA

An 11-year-old girl lost her scalp and fractured her skull on the spinning carnival ride when her hair got sucked into the ride’s machinery. Source (with video report)

Boomerang, Six Flags St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Four people received minor injuries after the coaster abruptly stopped mid-ride, with two cars de-railing off the track.  Source (with video report)

Boomerang Six Flags St. Louis Accident
Derailed car (fourth from the front).


Flying Chairs, Mundo Divertido, Tijuana, Mexico

The central support structure of the ride gave way and the swings people were sitting in flew off the ride, injuring seven children and five adults, including a 3-year-old and a pregnant woman. Source

Flying Chairs Mundo Divertido Tijuana Accident
Broken ride after the incident.

Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris, France

A 45-year-old technician was found dead in the park’s Haunted House after he was believed to have been electrocuted. Source