SuperShot, Frederick County Fair, Virginia, USA

A 47-year-old woman suffered several injuries when she fell 40 feet (12m) to the ground after her seat detached when a cable snapped. Source

Fly-O-Plane, Lake Winnepesaukah, Georgia, USA

Two 9-year-old boys fell off the ride, with one suffering a broken shoulder, leg and pelvis. Source

Oakland Amusement Park, Enugu, Nigeria

Two girls, age 5 & 8, died when they tried to get off the park’s Tea Cup ride while it was operating. Source

Goats on the Roof Mountain Coaster, Tennessee, USA

A man suffered a broken arm after extending it outside the Alpine Coaster car during the ride and was transported to a local hospital. Source

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, Tennessee, USA

A 44-year-old woman was thrown from the Alpine Coaster car suffering fractures of both wrists, a kneecap, head trauma, and possible broken ribs. Source